Scary reaction to Herceptin

Chemo + Herceptin drips went from 8h15 to 15h45. What a day! With this new part of my treatment, I’ll be getting drips 6 out of the 8 next weeks.

Unfortunately, within a few minutes, I started showing moderate allergic reaction symptoms to the Herceptin (…/medica…/Pages/conditions.aspx… ) even though I had taken an antihistamine as part of my pre-chemo medication and received an IV dose of dexamethasone ( prior to getting the Herceptin drip. With all of that, I shouldn’t have had a reaction, so when I started showing symptoms, the nurses immediately took me off the chemo and gave me Benadryl via IV (

Pumping Diphenhydramine (aka Benadryl) directly into a narcoleptic’s veins knocked me right out!

After the allergic side effects subsided fully, they observed me 30 minutes and challenged my body with the Herceptin again. Thankfully, I didn’t react further. I’ll be under close watch for the next 2 Herceptin treatments. Usually, by the third treatment, the expectation is that I should have acclimatized to the drug and I shouldn’t have any more allergic responses.

The Paclitaxel (…/medica…/Pages/conditions.aspx… ) treatment was thankfully uneventful. As I was leaving, i met another wonderful breast cancer patient and we exchanged details. Hopefully we will have a chance to meet again!

Now, I’m home resting but am feeling exhausted, headachy and heartburn is kicking in.

I had dinner in bed and N came in the snuggle me for a few minutes. Now, my turn to get ready for bed too.

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