Participating in cancer research

I’m excited to have been called by the AMBER Study. It’s a study that is looking at the impact of lifestyle and physical activity has on breast cancer (stages 1-3C) have on survivorship. The study started in 2012 and the final survivorship results should be available in early 2030. I’m one of the last 50 recruits being accepted into this study.

If I am going to get cancer, I might as well contribute what I can to research in the hopes of increasing survivorship for other cancer patients down the road. At least I am doing something positive for society with my shitty situation.

Today, I had anthropometric measures taken, as well as a PAR Q+ pre-screening and have a DXA Scan completed. Then, I had some fitness measures done, including the Bruce Treadmill Test. Lastly, paperwork! There are 4 questionnaires that will take approximately 3 hours complete. I have been sent home with 2 activity monitors that will be on me at all times (with the exception of bathing) for one week.

In doing my part for cancer research. I had to wear the big mask instead of the smaller mouthpiece because of my mouth sores. I dislike cardio on a good day. I dislike cardio more with a mask on even though it doesn’t change my breathing. It’s psychologically restrictive!

Are my posts motivating, uplifting or give you hope in the future of cancer research? If so, feel free to buy me a coffee or contribute towards some of my uninsured medical expenses.