Benefits seen by Alberta Cancer Exercise participants

Medical research is important to build up the knowledge and evidence required for cancer treatment improvement. That’s why I’m proud to have participated in the Alberta Cancer Exercise (ACE) program. Since I have had to step back temporarily from work because of this awful disease, I might as well give back to the community through research related to cancer.

I’m 15 weeks into incorporating daily exercise (side-effects permitting) as part of my cancer treatment. I’ve completed baseline and 12-week testing, and will do so again at the 24- and 52-week marks, and annually thereafter for a total of 5 years of being followed in this study.

ACE’s goal is to work towards ensuring exercise becomes part of the standard of care for all cancer survivors. I am thrilled my oncologist prescribed exercise as part of my treatment plan, and I hope this valuable research will show the impact it has on active both patients and cancer thrivers.

ACE put together a short video for their recent “2019 Drive for Thrive” fundraiser. Watch to see how this program has positively impacted my wellbeing during my cancer treatment, and what it has done for other patients and thrivers.

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