The genetic testing conundrum

My genetics counselling and testing appointment was moved up to today. It was so interesting to learn about the type of testing done, genetic classifications, implications of results, etc.

Because of our family history and my impending surgery, the genetics team will be rushing results and I should have them by the last week of July.

It’s an interesting conundrum when you have to consider the long term implications to not only myself but other family members. One of the most interesting considerations is “genetic discrimination” (think employment, insurance, etc). While there are laws that protect us in Canada against this, not every country does, and laws can change.

It’s important for me to know as it impacts my surgery and will give me insights as to whether or not other family members should get tested. There are many more considerations, but those were the ones important to me. Here is what the Canadian Cancer Society says about genetic testing.

Now, let the waiting game begin.

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